Dear city residents and business leaders!

Utility Company “Municipal Company for Waste Management” of Kharkiv City Council offers cooperation on the removal of municipal solid waste (MSW), liquid waste, as well as construction and bulky waste that is generated in your households or enterprises.

1. To ensure the cleanliness of the territory from which solid waste will be exported, we are ready to provide you with containers of the following volumes:

  • 30 cubic meters (25 tons)
  • 15 cubic meters (25 tons)
  • 10 cubic meters (8 tons)
  • 1.1 cubic meters (euro sample)
  • separate containers for separate collection of paper, plastic, glass
  • removal of construction and bulky waste using a special vehicle equipped with a manipulator.

2. For the removal of liquid waste, we offer the services of a cesspool machine with a capacity of 16 cubic meters. and a pump capacity of 90 cubic meters in an hour.

3. In addition, we offer you the services of a grinder for concrete and wood products.

The export schedule can be rigidly approved or flexible (when waste is exported at the request of the consumer).

We offer:

Documentary support in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine (waste disposal act), consultations and environmental support are possible.

Compliance with all norms of the Law on Waste, as well as other laws governing waste management.

High-quality and timely provision of services.