Utility Company “Municipal Company for Waste Management” of Kharkiv City Council is an entity authorized by city council to operate waste management sector. The company is directly subordinate to the Department of  Public Utilities of Kharkiv City Council.

The key task of the utility company is to ensure operation and development of waste management sector of urban economy, development of measures to reduce waste generation and its impact on environment and public health.

The utility company has been operating municipal waste landfill provided by Dergachi district administration since November 25, 2005. The landfill is located on lands of Dergachi district State Administration beyond Dergachi city limits in Krisky Yar beam, 900 meters away from Degachi boundaries. The utility performs the whole scale complex of sanitary-ecological routines. During entire period of operation of landfill, regular ambient air, topsoil and water tests were conducted to control ecological state of the facility. The monitoring tests’ results show no deviations from requirements. 

The utility company performs works on landscaping of adjacent areas and along waste transportation routes  on regular basis.

According to resolution of Dergachi district State Administration No430 dated August 25, 2005, a land plot with total area of 13,2 ha is granted for construction and operation of municipal waste landfill. Implementation of project “ New Construction of Municipal Solis Waste Treatment Complex with utilization of landfill gas and electric power generation in Dergachi, Kharkiv oblast” has commenced. The scope of project comprises implementation of separate waste collection, sorting of waste, landfill gas collection and utilization system with electric power generation.

The project’s key elements are:

– Construction of up-to-date MSW landfill in accordance with requirements of Ukrainian and European environmental law;

– Rehabilitation of existing landfill;

– Installation of  landfill gas collection and piping system on new and adjacent landfills;

– Installation of landfill gas utilization system with electric power generation and produced power transfer to grid of National Energy Company “Ukrenergo”;

– Construction of sorting line for separately collected waste;

– Construction of related structures, engineering networks and landscaping.

At the time the works on construction of MSW treatment complex are in progress.

In 2017 the utility company has obtained the license to perform waste disposal at the main business performance location – beyond the city limits of Dergachi city council of Dergachi district, Kharkiv oblast.