On December 15, 2021, a press conference was held on the results of the project, which was implemented at the expense of the Public Budget of Kharkiv “We do not need a light bulb!” with the participation of the director of the Utility Company “Municipal Company for Waste Management” of the Kharkiv City Council Yuri Suyarko and the executive director of the Public organization “Good Will” Ksenia Tumanovska.

The aim of the project is to launch a hazardous waste collection system in Kharkiv.

Within the framework of the project, 10 sets of containers were purchased for the installation of stationary hazardous waste collection points (fluorescent lamps, mercury-containing thermometers, batteries) and the Ecobus minibus (mobile hazardous waste collection and service stationary containers). The Ecobus route covers the entire city and is laid out at addresses where there are no stationary hazardous waste collection points.

Educational video content for public education has been developed.

At present, 8 out of 10 containers have been installed near the buildings of the Kharkiv City Council district administrations, supermarkets and other checkpoints.

In fact, the project was the answer to society’s question: “Where to go hazardous waste?”.