KP “MKOO” HGS  has started planned activities aimed at obtaining a license to actualization hazardous waste management activities in the territory of MSW of the city Dergachi, Kharkiv region. Hazardous waste is identified by the Yellow List of Waste approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU) of July 13, 2000 No. 1120.

It is planned to carry out an environmental impact assessment, this is a study of the impact on the air, water, geological environment and soil, as well as social and industrial environments, flora and fauna within the site, climate, it is planned to carry out calculations of dispersion of harmful substances in the air, concentration analysis harmful substances on the border of the sanitary protection zone and on the border of residential buildings, risk calculations and noise levels.

On April 22, 2020, the website of the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine published the “Report on the planned activity, which is due for environmental impact assessment” , a report was also published in “Zmievskoy kuryer” newspaper No. 18 повідомлення.