On October 22, 2021, the management of UC “Municipal Company for Waste Management” KCC conducted a tour for teachers of the specialized economic and legal school of the People’s Ukrainian Academy, students and teachers of the Kharkiv Humanities University of the educational complex of the People’s Ukrainian Academy.

During the event there was an acquaintance with the history of creation of the Complex on processing of solid household waste of UC “MCWM” KCC, the main directions of work and development of the enterprise.

The topic of waste sorting aroused the greatest interest of the inquirers. Yuriy Suyarko, Director of UC “MCWM” KCC, spoke in detail about the current stage of implementation of the solid waste collection and sorting system in Kharkiv. And also that sorting itself will help to turn waste into a resource: to make things or energy out of it, as well as to reduce the number of landfills. Organic waste can be composted and converted into fertilizers and biogas extracted from them. Produce new things from recycled materials. The high-calorie fraction (the part of the package that cannot be recycled) can be burned to produce electricity and heat.

The final stage of the tour was a visit to the building of the sorting complex where the installation of the sorting line. Visitors were presented a project to build a complex for processing solid waste with a system of collection, disposal of landfill gas and electricity production in Dergach, Kharkiv region.