On December 5, 2019, a public hearing was held in City Council building in Dergachi, Sumy Way 79-B, about the results of a study conducted in August 2019, regarding issues related to the possible negative impacts resulting from the implementation of the sub-project “Construction solid waste processing complex with a collection system landfill gas and electricity production in Dergachi Kharkiv region “. A shortened action plan for Resettlement for Municipal Enterprise “Municipal Company waste management” and in accordance with World Bank procedures this document was published on the website of our company and in other available resources to communicate to the public within 14 calendar days.

The hearing was attended by representatives of the Public Association “Vtorma”, Nonprofit organization “Dobra volya”, Association “Samopomich” and others, the total number of persons present was 30 people.

The director of ME “MCWM” Suyarko Y.M. reported on the construction of the landfill and the plant, noting the creation of safe conditions for the disposal of household waste with the possibility of generating electrical energy during the processing of landfill gas; the construction risks the World Bank insists on; on the reclamation of a landfill that closes; the stages of construction, noting the start of work at the new facility as early as next month; responsibility for safety issues and possible risks lies with the ME “MCWM”.

At the time of the public hearings, taking into account the public interest, proposals and comments from the public were not received.

The hearings were held to receive all comments on this Plan with the aim of its further adjustment.