Utility Company “Municipal Company for Waste Management” was founded when Kharkiv City Council during its 16th session of 23rd convocation came to resolution “On establishing Utility Company “Municipal Company for Waste Management”  

The reason of establishing such a company was to ensure implementation of Municipal Waste Management Development Project in city of Kharkiv which was supposed to be a recipient of loan provided by European Bank of  Reconstruction and Development aimed to provide financial support to specialized waste management municipal utility to deliver services of proper quality in following guidance of City Council and its agencies with regard to collection, transportation, treatment (recycling), utilization, removal, decontamination and disposal of municipal waste formed within the city, reducing environmental and public health impact.

The key task of the Utility is to provide environmental protection from impact caused by waste, effectively using treatment and disposal facilities. The task is achieved with the following approaches:

1. Waste insulation called to provide sanitary-epidemic protection of households beyond sanitary protection zone as well as landfill personnel.

2. Ensuring stability of waste stored at the landfill amid gas generation pattern, hydrological conditions and compaction of waste.

3. Further prospect of land plot use after landfill’s closure and rehabilitation.

The Utility Company’s main challenges are:

 – control over municipal waste collection process from all waste generating facilities;

– implementation of separate waste collection;

– providing the city with appropriate equipment (waste collection containers and bins) designed to keep proper sanitary environment at retail, food and other facilities along with households.

– capacity building of the Utility Company, constant improvement of working and living conditions of its personnel;

– other efforts aimed at implementation of complex program of waste management in Kharkiv.

UC “Municipal waste management company” is the holder of International certificates of the product or service quality management system and environmental management system, certificates ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.